About J&K Travel

John started his driving days at Arriva and has over 20 years driving experience – being one of the youngest people in the North West to pass his PSV test. In 2017 John undertook his Transport Manager exams and became one of the Directors of J&K Travel.

John & Kerri

In 2017, a special gentleman “Big Teg” and his wife “Sue” of T Travel – gave John the help, guidance and inspiration which led to the becoming of the J&K Travel minibus family – just the kick up the backside that John needed.

From here, John undertook his Transport Manager exams and additional private tuition from his old Mosslands Business Studies teacher “Wayne Dewis” – passing all exams in May 2017 and from here on in, the J&K Travel minibus family was launched.

Eunice and John

A word from John himself: “This whole journey would not have been possible, without the love and support from my wife Kerri and our children – who had sight of my dreams and made them all possible.”

A special mention to “Chevron Training” who provided tuition, training and support to John during his exams and have continued to help the J&K Travel family grow – supporting with Kerri’s qualification and all ongoing training for J&K Travel.

Another special mention goes to “Eunice” – a lady who started as a customer of J&K Travel, but very quickly became a close member of our family. Eunice will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we will always miss our weekly phone calls and days out.

Kerri passed her test first time in May 2019 and was thrown in at the deep end and was on the road driving with her own school run, the very next week.

The incentive behind Kerri’s determination to pass her PSV test and get out on the road, was to put a smile on the face of her very own “Nanny Margie”. The lady who has always been the one to motivate and push Kerri to fulfil her full potential in all aspects of her life. 

We are a family run business, with our four children all involved in the day to day aspects of the business. From our youngest helping cleaning the vehicles, to our eldest maintaining the upkeep of our Social Media channels. 

When booking with J&K Travel you not only supporting a local business, but you are supporting us as a family.