J&K Travel in the Community

J&K strive on giving back to the community where possible and have done so in multiple ways during the recent months. We firmly believe that together, everyone achieves more.

“Booking with J&K Travel not only supports a local business and family, but also allows us to give back to the community.” 

Please see below at just some of the work we do in the local community:

Sponsoring Local Football Teams

We currently sponsor two of our local grassroots football teams: Wallasey Wanderers Pumas U13s and Liscard Panthers U8s. By supporting these teams, we are helping children with equipment for their training, kits for their matches, as well as travelling to games.

Easter Egg Donations

Last Easter we purchased over 200 Easter Eggs from Asda to deliver within the local community!

The staff at J&K Travel were out and about on Monday 29th March giving out free Easter Eggs to those in the local area, to make sure that everyone had a chance of having an egg this year.

Free Transport For Foxfield Prom Nights!

Having built a relationship with the staff and PTA at Foxfield school over a number of years, we wanted to give back to some of the amazing children we have had the pleasure of transporting to and from school over the years.

Each July the Foxfield PTA arranges a Prom night for the school leavers which gives us the perfect opportunity to help them out – and give back to the children, school and their families – by putting on a special bus to their prom!

We all missed out last year due to COVID restrictions, but are looking forward to the 2021 Foxfield prom…. keep your eyes peeled for photographs of this year’s special event.